Speedlink Torid


Okay, ignore the high school color scheme and hear me out.  The color isn’t as bad as the name.  This has to be the worst name for a gaming peripheral I’ve ever heard.  Move over, Buttkicker.  Underneath the terrible branding and colours, however, is an impressive, powerful pieces of gaming hardware.

TBH, I didn’t have high hopes for this device.  I expected it to be Torid-able.  But pick it up (wow), plug in it (nice), and you have a new favourite XBox 360 gaming pad for a great price.

One thing thought:  it won’t actually work on the XBox 360.  It works fine on my PC and even on the PlayStation.  I still hate the name, and the 90’s aesthetic colouring, but after hours of gaming, I didn’t even notice the gamepad in my hands.

The pice is low enough you might call it cheap, but the Torid (shudder) is anything but.  It didn’t lag, stall or feel bad in my hands.  It became an extension of my hands.  It was perfect.

It’s maybe not as well-built as the official gaming pads from Microsoft or Sony and you can feel it in the trigger, toggle and buttons.  But it’s solid enough right from the get-go.  It’s even an improvement on the standard XBox 360 gamepad:  bye bye, stupid big battery pack.

It doesn’t exactly play nice with Microsoft, and I had issues making it work wired into a PC – turns out if the battery is dead, the cable will charge first and foremost, even over output.  But it’s a quality product, and a great price.


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