This is an odd gamepad to review, because it’s meant for Nvidia’s own Shield tablet.  That’s not to say that it can’t be done, because it can, but using the Shield controller as a wired PC gamepad has so many cons to it, that you might as well grab the gun from Duck Hunt.

Let’s be fair to Nvidia – the Shield was never meant to be used for PC.  Due to popular demand, support was added.  This wasn’t even in response to gamers wanting to use it for a PC gamepad, like we are.  Rather, those who already owned the Shield wanted to get a little more flexibility and value out of the pricey product.

First and foremost, the Shield is an Android controller.  That means the home button, volume control and touchpad do absolutely nothing on PC.  The Shield has a similar layout to the DualShock, but still has some Xbox Button usage – all due to Android games using the D-Pad than an analog stick.

And it has to be said:  The Nvidia Shield Controller is ugly.

and yet, surprisingly, pleasantly comfortable.

The Shield fits the hands beautifully, has great responsiveness, and controls pretty reliably.  However, it is such a niche product, the only users likely to use it in this fashion are Shield owners choosing to use it with a PC over the choices of a Xbox controller, or DualShock.

It also absolutely HATES AMD gamers: you need a Nvidia GPU to run it in the first place, since it utilizes the GeForce Experience.  Although, is that really so surprising?


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