Elegant.  Simple.  The one that started it all.  The XBox 360 controller was really the one gamepad that brought the gamepad aesthetic to PC Gamers.  And it still stands out.  It’s smart, well designed, and seriously durable.

The differences between the XBox One controller and older model 360 controllers are minimal.  This isn’t revolutionary.  But it is evolutionary.

The 360 version feels a little less tight:  the sticks have more give, and the triggers are a bit looser.  It’s a great price for a great controller, and it’s seriously compatible with most games going back 5 years.

But Wireless will cost you.

Even the wired version isn’t cheap.

For the best bang for your buck, pick up a $10 USB reciever.  That also means you can run up to four controllers from one PC.

The high and low points for this controller is the battery power pack.  It’s really heavy, and really bulky.  It does manage to stay out of the way, and if you run out of power, it takes AA so you’ll likely have some spares hanging around.

All that being said:  it has great design, great value for the price, great controls, amazing compatibility – its hard not to be a huge fan.


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