Mad Catz’s vowel-less CTRLR is as much about quality as it is versatility.  Not only is it a great XBox-styled PC game controller, but it also can connect wirelessly to your phone, set-top box and even Android tablet.

If we were basing this review solely on compatibility, CTRLR would be far and away our favorite gamepad.

The extra media controls are really nice, and mouse mode is a pleasant surprise: it lets you control the cursor with a joystick instead of buttons.  In spite of those great features, Mad Catz’s CNTRLR falls a little short.

While the bluetooth connection is great, CNTRLR requires either a USB connection or the existing capability from your machine’s end.  It also doesn’t feel as sturdy as either Playstation’s or XBox’s original gamepads.  Pressing buttons even sounds plasticky.  The D-pad is also fairly stiff – meaning the pad isn’t great at being precise.

However, the biggest issue is that CNTRLR doesn’t register on PC with right button setup – even after we tried everything.  PC drivers, software updates, even labelling it as an XBox controller.  It leaves the X and Y switched and the A and B are also swapped.  You can change the layout in some games, but not all.

All that is a bitter pill to swallow, because the CNTRLR is a brilliant controller otherwise


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