There are more than a few reasons than most third-party game pad developers have followed the design of the XBox model over the DualShock model.  The asymmetric design is better for long gaming sessions, its more comfortable overall, and the trigger buttons are just in a better spot.

For a long time, Logitech has stuck to Sony’s design, and that hurts the product.  Considering the high price of the F710, it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

For the price of the F710 ($40), users should expect quality.  And this is Logitech, they know a few things about controllers, and wheels, and mice.

All that aside, the analog stick feels great:  it’s beyond smooth.  On the other hand, the D-pad is just kind of ‘there’.  The trigger buttons are terrible – they’re mostly uncomfortable but also not quite accurate enough.  You want a accurate headshot?  Good luck.

Then there’s the battery pack.

Its a great move to have it run on AA batteries, but they lie across the game pad, right in the way of your grip.  The wireless is great, and it’s a simple plug and play install.  We’ve said it before, but once you go with a wireless controller, you’ll never go back to wires.

At the end of the day, the F710 too pricey, especially when it feels like a cheap, knockoff controller.  It simply can’t compete with the better Game Pads out there.


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